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Vivaro PK6 GearBox Faliure and Rebuild
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Thread: Vivaro PK6 GearBox Faliure and Rebuild

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    Fred Elliot, i say Fred Elliot! Mawbster's Avatar
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    Jan 2004

    Vivaro PK6 GearBox Faliure and Rebuild

    Vehicle - Vivaro 1.9 CDTI Work Van

    Gearbox Code PK6 375


    Coming off denby dale roundabout at Huddersfield. Changing from first to second to third gear, van just made an almighty band and threw me forward in my seat. as though the brakes had been put on sharply.

    i managed to get it into a gear and roll along to the next junction where i was going to turn into the side road and park up.

    At the junction i attempted to set off and the van kangarooed a number of times.

    After the 5th attempt of moving off i managed to set off and got into the side road and pulled up

    Recovery By RAC to the workshop.

    Taking the gearbox out

    First we set about taking the gearbox out Not to funny on this van - You have to remove the entire subframe on it just to get to the damn thing.

    Anyway - Here we have the gearbox on the floor.

    Having the autodata Vauxhall and renault workshop manuals to hand was good.


    Well after getting the gearbox open you can see the problem starring you in the face.

    As you can see the bearing had collapsed and as we pulled the gearbox cover off the tapers had fallen around all over the place. allong with a copious amount of metal swarf that had been worn from the inner bearing race on the shaft.

    Problem Solving

    After Pricing up a second hand gearbox Prices were comming in as follows -

    Reconditioning the gearbox i had - 740+vat
    Buying a second hand gearbox from a scrapyard 685+Vat
    Cheapest on ebay reconditioned with exchange 400 (no warranty)
    Vauxhall Fitting a "New one" - Not Much Change form 4000 I didnt Complete the Phone call.

    So then Came the decision that we would fix it ourselves and replace all the bearings.
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    Fred Elliot, i say Fred Elliot! Mawbster's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Stripping the Gearbox

    Searching the intenet for bearings for this box wasnt very sucessfull
    Only 2 Places would even come up for parts


    and another which was far to expensive.

    Looking through the site i noticed two different sets for the vivaro PK6 Gearbox.

    This is due to the face that some Models PK6 -375 as opposed t the PK6 - 075 have plastic cages in the bearings instead of metal,

    And this also proved to be an extra 100 on the price.

    So Having found the cost of the parts i would need to rebuild it we set about taking the gearbox to peices.

    And as their was no damage to syncros or gears it would be cost effective to repair and replace the bearings

    Some of the bearing Races were solid. The bearing race pullers we had wernt capable of pulling thm out so we had to improvise again.

    We had some small metal discs made up at the loca machine shop and then threaded down the middle.

    We then welded them to the inside of the bearing race and actually screwed them out using the a silly contraption which was so much easier . lol

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    Fred Elliot, i say Fred Elliot! Mawbster's Avatar
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    Jan 2004

    I ended Up actually Buying the oarts from Vauxhall.

    As i was in the process of buying a number of different parts aside from just the bearings i had the guy price the bearings for me.

    They came in at around 300 and i said i could get them for 250. he gave me a 15% discount thus making them 255. He also passed that discount on to the other 130 quids worth of stuff that i was buying - so the saving was better.

    Parts I Bought

    Will Put up later when i find my invoice.


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    Punto know it all
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    Jul 2009
    Keep up the good work looks technical lol

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    Punto Sports Club Member antoni1985's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    now that looks fun!! just dont forget where bits go haha

    You cant beat a punto for getting ur hands dirty and getting u stressed!!
    project punto thread
    Built not bought..!!

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    Punto Lover
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    Apr 2009
    Out of anything auto related. Gearboxes amaze me the most. it's like how does everything work so well together in such a small volume!

    Awesome work though buddy.

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    Fred Elliot, i say Fred Elliot! Mawbster's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    Thats all the pictures i have at home. Gotta check my dads camera card for the rest. The box is back in already

    As you can see we wrote on the casing which hole for which shaft.

    Hopefully the thread will save somebody money in tye future. As when i searched there was actually very little information on the actual faults in this gearbox. Just the generic it breaks.

    The box had also done 167k which isnt bad as some people had had problems at 40k.

    But i love my van!!!

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    Punto Lover
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    Mar 2008
    nice job !

    same problem whit the gearbox of alfa 159 and grande punto

    almost same gearbox as this. 3 shafts

    first signs are the gearlever that moves back and forth

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