Guys what a towel these are! The Sonus style waffle weave drying towel is superb!!

Better Than A Chamois - Better Than Cotton. The Wonder Drying Towel is a significant advancement in drying towel technology. Its piqué (waffle weave) fabric has a more pronounced pattern, which creates larger absorption cups - this microfibre waffle weave fabric makes the best drying towel material on the market today!

* Two towels per pack
* Excellent water holding capacity
* Spot-free drying
* Silk edging for 100% scratch-free drying
* Rounded corner design reducing the possibility of fraying
* Large 24" x 30" size for quicker drying
* Washable & reusable Two towels per pack.

Punto Sports members price £15.49 for a 2 pack

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