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Thread: Great to be here!! Thanks

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    Great to be here!! Thanks

    Hello and thank you for inviting me onto your forum to do some lovely deals for you.
    My name is Mark and i and my staff run a online detailing website where you can purchase all kinds of detailing and car care goods to keep your motor looking mint! We supply a big range of products from the worlds leading manufacturers such as Meguiars,Chemical Guys,Eurow,3D,3M etc etc. Autobrite are famous for 'The Autobrite H/D Foam Lance' and has been going for a number of years.This is the ideal wash tool for giving your car a foam bath to minimize the swirl effect that you may gain from normal washing,and its a lot of fun!

    Ok so over the next few weeks i will try my utmost to give you group buys,special deals and great prices just for the Punto forum members.
    Also just to let you know that we also run a busy detailing centre based in Stoke-on-trent,Staffordshire where we cater for all types of paintwork correction,valeting,truck detailing,wheel refurbishment,leather and seat repairs,window glass repairs etc.
    if you do need any info on quotations on detailing please pm me.

    Well i think thats it for now
    See you soon!

    Best Regards Mark @ Autobrite-Direct

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    Ill certantly be in the market for a foam lance.

    Welcome anywho

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    Hi Mark, Welcome along..I'm sure that I too will be in the market for a few goodies.. Discount??? Love that word..

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    Discount and advice..Thats what we are here for mate..
    Thanks mate

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