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Thread: How to Post pictures

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    Exclamation How to Post pictures

    You can Register with several online websites to host your picture, i prefer using once you have registered you can now host pics.

    When writing a thread just click on insert image and copy the link on to the prompt bar.

    Please remember to try and keep your pictures to the designated areas.

    Mods please add any useful sites and tips.

    Thanks, XploitGT
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    to post images using image shack

    1 - open internet explorer

    2 - type in the url

    3 - click browse and find the picture you want to upload on your hard disk drive

    4 - click the resize image checkbox and select resize for message boards

    5 - click host it and the site will transfer your picture

    6 - the next page will come up showing a thumbnail of your picture and many text boxes

    7 - find the one saying hotlink for forums 1 and copy all this text into the message text on puntosports

    8 - when your thread is complete the picture will appear in your post.
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