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Thread: mazda 3 sport

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    hoyley boyley

    mazda 3 sport

    picked it up friday afternoon and cruised about a bit to get Victoria used to it.

    took a few quick snaps:

    all in all i have to say i'm jealous as fcuk

    tech spec you'll all be interested in

    Max power (bhp/rpm) 148/6000
    Max torque (lb ft/rpm) 135/4500
    0-60mph (sec) 9
    Max speed (mph) 125
    sadly it weighs 1310kg

    so its not WOW quick, but it IS the missus' everyday car and first impressions are that it'll be a tad quicker than those figures once its loosened up a bit.

    from what i can gather its basically a ford focus chassis 8) with mazda engine and equipment.

    'what car' give it 4/5 and i can see why. comfy, a bit of oomph and great spec level.

    6 disc dash changer
    HUGE boot
    LED rear lights
    loads of little compartments and cup holders.
    auto lights (come on when its dark)
    auto wipers (come on when its raining)

    her driving, join the m-way, 'ooh look we're doing 100mph already' :P ;D

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    nice - considered getting a 6 for a while

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    all the new mazdas are ranking high in my book, bloke I know had a sport, so i know it looks good in the metal so to speak, very comfy like you say, the seat materials a bit stiff for me's not as bad as my sporting's like!

    only bad point really is that the dash looks dated already IMO

    but overall, nice one for the mrs

    lovin the "oh look......" quote

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