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Thread: The fast Show @ santa pod

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    The fast Show @ santa pod

    CruiseSport is the first of its kind to arrange fully legal cruises in the UK. We aim to get all associated illegal activates off the streets and into safe and fully legal venues for people to compete in. We cater for all aspects of illegal cruising and put them into our events.
    The next CruiseSport event is at Santa Pod on Sunday 3rd April. Conyoys are being arranged to arrive on Saturday 2nd April where free camping is available. A bar and entertainment is also being provided.
    The Fast Show
    Sunday 3rd April 2005 - Santa Pod Raceway
    Only 12 for three runs on the strip - Don't forget your driving licence.
    The Fast Show is the first performance and modified car event of year at Santa Pod Raceway, so scrub the salt off your alloys, warm up your engine, and blast off down the mile!

    Last year's event was jam-packed with great cars from all enthusiast groups, from Jap car clubs through to snarling Porsches, rare classics and Yank V8s. A real celebration of performance motoring and a great way to start the season!

    Saturday - RWYB Public Track Day:
    Run What Ya Brung open to all, incorporating The Fast Show test day and club arrival day. Bar open with evening entertainment and free camping for those staying over.

    Sunday - The Fast Show:

    All the action from The Fast Show, including: Run What Ya Brung Competition, Comedy (Ian Sainsbury and Michael Legge from the famous Bound & Gagged comedy organisation), Pole Dancing, Jet car, Wheelie Car, Car Club displays, Page 3 Babes, Funfair, Free grandstand seats and parking, Sideshows, Trade village, The Autoglym Show Car Paddock, Jet Car and race-car demos.

    The Run What Ya Brung Classes are:

    A BMW, Rover, Volvo, MG
    B Renault, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat
    C Ford
    D Vauxhall/Opel
    E VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
    F Jaguar, Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, Caterham and AC
    G All Japanese Cars
    H All other makes and models
    I Non Road Legal


    Check out the dedicated Fast Show website
    For details of the convoys check out the Convoy section of

    See you there.

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    cool should be a good one

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    The Fast Show 2005 - Report

    The second-ever Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway took place on Sunday 3rd April, and once again it was a massive success! Despite threatening weather reports, the day was warm and sunny most of the time, without a drop of rain all day.

    Loads of people had arrived at the Run What Ya Brung on Saturday, and the Fast Show started early for many with a great run by the Fireforce 2 Jet Car on Saturday night, followed by beers and great music in the bar until late.

    Sunday morning started with an arrival en-masse from the hundreds of club cars in attendance, and it was great to see such variety and quality in the club cars. Everything from heavily modified and stylized cars through to examples of concourse standard cars were represented, and this variety was reflected in the whole show. Thanks go out to the clubs for putting on such great displays. It was a pleasure to walk around and check out all the great cars on show.

    The action on track kicked-off earlier than expected on Sunday, with the track conditions being good and dry from the start. The guys and girls with the top cars were out early setting the pace, and some of the best times were set in the first part of the morning. Once again, it was great to see such variety on track, with Lancia Delta rally cars, classic Corvettes, fire-spitting Subarus, raucous Sierras and vicious Vauxhalls all taking their turn on the dragstrip. Noteable mentions go out to the Bedford Rascal pick-up with a Kawazaki ZZR1100 motor mounted in it that made an insane wail as smoked its way up the strip, the nasty-looking BMW 3 series that was producing so much power from it's NOSed-up motor that it spun the tyres through all five gears, and DJ Craig's freshly imported Toyota that looked like a standard luxury barge, but produced around 800bhp creating a new sport: straight-line drifting! Top marks to those guys for great driving and engineering skills.

    Also on track were drag demos from some of the UK's top national race cars and great shows from the Wheelie Car and Jet Car, who clocked two easy 280mph passes on the day. Great stuff.

    Running all day was the AUTOGLYM Show Zone that featured some truly superb vehicles. Once again, variety was the key, and it was great to see pristine 1970's Yank V8s sat next to the latest lambo-doored, modded to the max creations from Europe and Japan. Check out our pictures for more.

    First place went to Lee Kiley's Rover 220 turbo for it's amazing home-made leather interior and crazy LED clocks.

    Second place went to Dominic Sanne with his heavily modified Ford Corsair. The car had old-skool looks combined with new-skool mods that included a V8 transplant, roof-chop, smoothing, solenoid door catches and unique interior.

    Third place went to Nick Wooding's immaculate Ford Sierra RS Cosworth. The car combined standard looks with flawless details.

    Judging was very tough though, and it was heartbreaking not to have trophies for at least half of the 50 cars entered!

    The afternoon session on track brought the Run What Ya Brung competition to a conclusion, with the following winners:

    Class Number Driver Car ET
    A 243 Trevor Tyler BMW M3 14.163
    B 62 James Willday Renault 5 Turbo 12.574
    C 9 Danny Kirk Ford Sierra Cosworth 11.582
    D 12 Mark Watts Vauxhall VX220 Turbo 13.133
    E 106 James Hodson VW Golf 1.8 Turbo 13.066
    F 58 Scott Jones Lotus Elise SII 14.789
    G 190 Steve Whittaker Toyota Supra 10.460
    H 20 Nick George Chevrolet Corvette 11.937
    I 1 Keith Ridley Ford Escort Drag Special 10.377

    Congratulations to the winners, we hope you had a great day. So make sure you come back for another shot next time.

    Once again, a great day was had by all, and The Fast Show established itself as the season-opener to be seen at. Both show cars and race cars gave crowds a great day out, and a big thanks goes out to everyone who attended!

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