I just joined the forum. Glad to find you!
I joined because I'm researching information for a future project.
I have come to believe a tweeked Punti GT Mk I drivetrain could be a GREAT conversion for an X1/9.
For me, there are a few problems.
1) Neither the Punto NOR it's predecessor, the Uno, were ever sold in the US.
2) The Uno Turbo conversion is well known and pretty well documented, but a Punto GT drivetrain conversion in the X1/9 is apparently very rare.

From my limited knowledge, it would appear to be a much more attractive option.
The engine package is much more powerful and developed, with a better engine management system. Also, I understand the gearbox on the Punto GT is far more robust.

I would like to research this possibility.
Has anyone on here tried it?

If it is feasible for me, I'd also need a good source for a complete drivetrain from a Mk I Punto GT.

Any information is MUCH appreciated!!