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Thread: Help me find my old GT

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    Help me find my old GT

    Hello guys havenít been on here for years. Looking to see if my old Gt2 is still on the road and whoís got it? Itís a yellow Gt2 reg no. P334 BPJ

    Any help will be great


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    Hi mate,

    I've just seen your post from December 2018.

    I now own your old GT2, which I bought from Jayson Earl in early March this year.

    To be honest, its been a bit of a nightmare. I drove it home ok, but noticed a squeak from the idler pulley bearing, so thought i'd get it replaced. On the way to the garage it broke down and I haven't been able to get in running since. I've tried:

    A spare GT2 ECU;
    Fuel Pump Relays;
    Barometric pressure sensor;
    Crank position sensor;

    Its now giving fault code 1221 - Air flow meter (AFM) sensor - short or open circuit - on the blink test. However, the AFM looks relatively new.

    If you can give me any information on the car, that would be great. The interior remains mint and the exterior is also still very good.



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    I think you'll need to explain what the cars doing...

    An afm fault wouldn't stop it from starting.

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