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Thread: Trying for find a GT3 (R626ocb)

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    Trying for find a GT3 (R626ocb)

    Afternoon all,

    Firstly Iíd like to say hi, and Iím hoping there maybe someone who can help.

    Back in 2004(ish) I purchased a Broom Yellow GT3 from someone in Manchester, completely standard and a great base for a few subtitle ungraded over the next two years of ownership. Regrettably I sold the car to a gent from Glasgow in 2006 and heard nothing since (not that you would)

    Fast forward to date, Iím on the search to see if itís still on the road or tucked away somewhere.

    Does anyone know anything about it, Iím aware the chances are itís been broken for parts but I would love to get my hands on it again.

    Thanks and any info is appreciated.

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    Look like that car mate is dead or had a number plate change as there is no details coming up what so ever. Had an MOT back in 2007 that's the last bit of info on that reg.

    Some one else might help but from what I can see on the data base there's nothing

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