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Thread: Abarth Punto Evo Review by Autocar

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    Abarth Punto Evo Review by Autocar

    A nice review by Autocar. I actually wish we bought the Punto instead of the Abarth 500. I think it looks nicer and more agreesive in Evo trim and goes really well with the multiair engine.

    It's just a shame Fiat see the Abarth Punto as a bit of a black swan as no one bought it. According to How Many Left? there have only ever been 797 at most registered in the UK ever. That's less than half the number of GTs.
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    They're lush in that primer grey color. I nearly bought a black one, but the guy stopped responding to messages when I was trying to arrange a viewing.

    It was too cheap tho, so probably did me a favour I'd like to see a SEB0/SEB2 go toe to toe with one!

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    I test drove one at Meridien Milano near Portsmouth, just to compare with the Abarth Grande Punto SS that I'd just bought recently, in case I fancied a trade-up. I'm not too keen on the more smoothed styling, and the Start-Stop is rather disconcerting at first. The Grey would be my choice from the APE range, but Fiat should have eschewed the stupidity of colour limitations for their performance models, it cannot be that much trouble to equip a bodyshell in the colour of your choice from the normal production line, surely?

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