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Thread: Highland Punto

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    Highland Punto

    Hi Guys, My name is Sean and I live in the Highlands of Scotland. I own a Black Punto 54reg MK2b 1.2 8V "Sport"
    I have owned this car for 2 years, but I only just found your forum, so I thought I'd join, make some friends, get some tips/advice/support and share some thoughts.

    My Punto so far:

    RAMAIR induction kit
    Chromed rocker cover
    Detailing (to be completed)

    - Debadged and Door skirts/guards removed
    - Abarth Sporting Side Skirts
    - DTM Sport Mirrors
    - Blackened Sporting 15" Alloys
    - Chrome Eyelids
    - Additional Rally Chromed Aluminium Fog Lights
    - LED DRL strips
    - LED Chrome Windscreen Washer Jets
    - Chromed Front Bumper Skirt
    - Chromed Rear Bumper Skirt
    - Exhaust kit (to be completed)
    - Fiat Mudflaps (Rear only)

    - Front JVC Speakers 40W
    - Rear Kenwood Speakers 30W
    - Parcel Shelf Yamaha 11" Speakers
    - Ocar Audio System (hands free kit)
    - Chromed Car Dials
    - Black/Chrome GT Sport Voltage Gauge

    Sadly I can't lower my Punto as I drive a lot of single track roads with many potholes and have already wrecked several wheels.

    Hope u guys like it!

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    broadstairs kent
    Welcome to Psc.

    Sounds like an interesting project, I can't seem to see the pictures though?!?

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    sorry bout double post,...something went wrong with Chrome Browser. Not sure how to edit posts/or if I even can as a Newbie user

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