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Thread: Brand new PS4 with killzone.

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    Brand new PS4 with killzone.

    I acquired this last night due to my brother owing me money, which he decided to spunk on a ps4.

    It's brand new, unopened, bought yesterday evening.

    Comes with receipt from tesco.

    He owed me 420, so that's how much I'm trying to get back.

    Also PayPal fees will be a bit hefty, but I'm sure an arrangement could be had.

    Courier isn't a problem, but it will not be a 6 my Hermes job, so I expect 10 will cover it.

    Many thanks,

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    Best of luck selling!

    Did your rents make him hand it over?

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    Already sold

    My brother is 28 years old, I lent him money to cover his rent as his benefits were due to go in 2 days after rent was due.

    I went to pick the money up (as he text me saying to pop in and get it), but by the time I got there he had already spent it on this.

    So in other words, he spent his housing benefits on a ps4 and was going to string me along until I let him off.

    So I just took this and walked out

    It's disgusting in my opinion, really has upset me actually.

    Well I'm glad it's sold quickly, I know I could have asked a fair bit more, but I wasn't looking to make anything.

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    That's f*cking low man and I don't mean the PS4 price tag.

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    Played this the weekend an tell you what it was the most amazing graphics iv ever seen on a computer game

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