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Thread: Nimbus Gray rps13 drift car

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    Nimbus Gray rps13 drift car

    Listing on behalf of my house mate ive copied his ad from driftworks, pm me for further details or call him on the number listed below

    I have recently purchased a car Ive been after for a while so unfortunately this has got to go.
    Ive owned the car for almost 2 years now and in that time it has come a long way, its a really good example with all the right bits needed to be a capable/reliable car.

    The shell is a 1996 P reg non-sunroof imported some 6~ years ago, being a import it is rot and rust free has NEVER been welded.
    Resprayed earlier this year in Audi Nimbus Gray
    Full Vertex kit - makes the car look more aggressive yet not to 'in your face'
    Kouki rear lights (one of which is broken however has been temp repaired)
    Rota GTR's 17x9.5 ET25 x 4 Black (215/40 yoko Prada Spec 2's up front. 225/45 Goodyear F1's on the rear)
    Rota GTR's 17x9.5 ET30 x 4 White (two full sets both with tyres ready to go skid)

    The engine has been fantastic, uses no water or oil, never gets hot even when drifting despite the standard radiator setup. Pulls hard with the BB turbo and is super reliable.
    Recently the turbo to manifold gasket blew i took this opportunity to replace every gasket on the exhaust side, i also replaced all 8 o-rings on the injectors as one was weeping slightly.

    Redtop Sr20det non VVT
    Garrett Gt2560R BB turbo set to 1.0bar via R-spec MBC (kept it simple/reliable)
    Braided water/oil feed lines
    Apec FMIC kit
    HKS mushroom filter
    H-dev stage 1a chip (when i had my wideband on it was reading all the right AFR's)
    3 months old Walbro 255 lph fuel pump, hardwired.
    Japspeed Turbo elbow
    Custom made 3" Full Stainless steel exhaust, sounds very nice.
    DW rocker stopper kit fitted
    Standard Sr gearbox
    Exeedy Clutch, release bearing make a small bit of noise but has always been this way and never caused any issues.
    Lightened and balanced flywheel
    Welded auto diff.

    Drives very well on the current setup with more than enough lock to pull some decent angle, the suspension is good for road and track being dampening adjustable. The only thing i feel the car to be complete is a good alignment setup.

    HSD DualTech fully adjustable coilovers (no knocks or leaks and still adjust freely bought new just under 1 year old)
    DW Solid steering bush
    DW solid sub-frame bushings
    modified knuckles
    steering rack spacers

    Good condition inside with standard seats. The rear is stripped out but i do have everything needed to put it all back in, including the hard to find two-tone 180sx rear bench.
    Battery relocated to behind drivers seat
    custom guage holder in place of centre heaters
    Electric everything etc.

    Tax 31/12/13
    12~ months mot
    ***************NUMBER PLATE K90KON NOT INCLUDED IN SALE*****************

    Bad Points;
    crack in windscreen infront of tax disc.
    cracked/ziptied front and rear bumper, front really isnt to bad at all and the rear is worse but repairable.
    electric folding mirriors work but the drivers side is getting a little lazy.
    O/S kouki light is broken

    i have been honest as possible in the advert but feel free to ask any more questions.
    Konrad 07825701799
    located in Herne Bay, Kent

    Option 1 4850- you get the car exactly as it is advertised with both sets of GTR's, as many 17" skid rubber you can take ( i have 30~ tyres), you will also get all my spares, driveshafts, tension rods/ends, MAF, exhaust, Catalyc convertor, skirts etc.

    Option 2 4550- you get it as advertised with no spares and the black GTR's as pictured.

    Option 3 4250- Bring your own wheels with no spares etc.

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    Oh my! I love it! Good luck with sale.

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    why is this thread not viewable by non-members? surely the cars for sale should be! anyway best of luck, looks gorgeous tbh. my mate may be interested!

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