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Thread: Hello im still new to my fiat td

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    Hello im still new to my fiat td

    Ok then here goes! i bought my punto mk1 td60 last year and after servicing it ive noticed a decent amount of oil spray on my air filter so much in fact im having to change it every 2 months.
    Well its got to the point i have disconnected the crankcase breather pipe from the airfilter box and placed the breather pipe in front of the radiator.
    The car aint overfull with oil its been like this for the last 6 months ive owned it and all turbo pipes are clear of blockages etc. the question is is it normal for the punto mk1 turbo diesel to do this the car runs fine and pulls like a train but i cant help thinking i have a worn piston and getting crankcase blowby but would it run good with worn pistons its only done 75000 miles from new and the engine shows it and also the previous history from the mot's which i have done online say the car smokes alot for a turbo diesel but hasnt failed on emissions please anyone with any experience on these engines give me some ideas.

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    Welcome along

    I'm afraid I don't know anything about Diesel engined punto

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    start with a compression and leak down test

    how much oil does it actually use per 1000 miles

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