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Thread: Silver mk2 by SikterBre

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    Silver mk2 by SikterBre

    Yo! I want to introduce my ride to you...

    Fiat Punto Mk2a 1.2 8v
    year 2001

    Last year in April, it comes from Italy to Serbia.. It was 68.500 kilometers on board, in very good condition, except a small bumper damages and dent on the hood ...

    First, I have washed it

    Then I have arranged interior

    ...and a little bit Abarthed

    ..and remove dent and debadge hood

    Next was glass tinting 25%

    and I buy wheel covers, and car was look like this

    And finally it comes photo shooting

    I bought 100w active woofer from Sporting, and xenon lights 4300K

    next was alloy wheels


    and playing with carbon foil

    and this is how my ride looks now...

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    broadstairs kent
    I like the carbon on the wheels

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    Me too. It changes the look of the alloys,

    I was not keen on them in the first picture but they look well with the carbon,

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    Hey guys, I haven't been here for awhile . I got a job in the city in which Fiat 500 L is being produced...

    In the mean time I also modified my bumpers

    I sold these alloys, and I bought some others , which are very rare O.Z. from 1975, but they are not polished like the ones on the pictures

    I used Weitec -35 to lower my car

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