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Thread: Ace cafe Abarth meet: 12th September 2012

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    midday start? seems strange. would have thought it was more of an evening affair.

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    6PM onwards, from what I could see. Unless the Abarth-specific part is earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angiesx View Post
    I cant do it now, i got the baby as steves helping a mate dig his garden out this week. Il do it saturday.

    Cheers damo mr helpful
    You're welcome

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    Went there today for a couple of hours there was loads of 500 abarths, fiat coupes, alfa romeo and some maserati's and one gt which was mine not bad little turn out. On my way home bumped into Ash da tash from on here driving he's Subaru. And had a little go in my gt Lol.

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    Sorry for the no show, football ended a bit later then intended. Next time I will make sure im free.

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