FC Performance is all about performance tuning. We specialise in a range of Italian cars, but we are also involved in a wide range of marques including road and race preparation.

Our core strength is based around mapping, and more specifically the powerful factory ECUs that exist in every car. It is this central brain that brings everything together, whether you have light or extreme modifications, the final component that makes everything work as it should for optimum performance and reliability is the ECU. We also have full workshop facilities for all tuning related and servicing requirements including full engine rebuilds and car preparation to race series specifcation, or just a simple oil change. We also tune stand alone engine management e.g. DTA, Motec, Omex, Megasquirt etc, so if you decide to go down this road then you can benefit not only from our experience of these aftermarket ECUs, but also our extensive knowledge of the factory ECU.

Of course on here, it is all about the Punto GT. It may not steal the limelight in the Italian range, but it is a truly significant performance car that many petrolheads have been proud to own. As it stands now, the GT is in the twilight of it's life, but this also means tuning has never been so good or easy. Whether you are thinking of just a simple Stage 1 upgrade or would like to go 250... 300... 350bhp, well it is very accessible not least in terms of cost, but proven simple and reliable routes.

And finally, whatever you do with your Punto, GT or otherwise, look after it, enjoy it, and if the mood takes you make it faster!