Ok its a little late, I have been in france last week, and this week has been hectic, but here we go, i will make it a good one

Type K Wings & Arches - Mk1 Punto

limited to just 10 sets total

Front Wings - http://www.absmotorsport.net/index.p...punto-mk1.html

RRP 225.00
UK Mainland & lower Scotland Del 20.00
VAT 45.00
Total 294.00

Rear Arches - http://www.absmotorsport.net/index.p...punto-mk1.html

RRP 45.00
UK Mainland & lower Scotland Del 10.00
VAT 11.00
Total 66.00

Total RRP seperate 360.00

Deal - Buy the front wings at 220.00 delivered (UK Mainland & lower Scotland) and you will get the rear arches free