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Thread: The Importance of Pre-Wash Foams..

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    Obviously some results on the cars. Looking at the photos it seems to be working.

    I am learning more and more about detailing from the posts here and as i dont frequent any other forum i am happy to read these here. Thanks matt

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    Cheers Dan, glad these posts are helping some people. If anyone else wants to throw up a guide or share with us what they have done, I'm happy to roll with that - I don't mind doing these sorts of threads, but I am more than happy for others to chip in

    Hans, I don't get all my knowledge from other forums (and by other forums, how many do you think I use and how many are related to detailing? ), you know, it is possible to learn new things without the use of an internet forum? How do you think the world worked before the internet? lol all the products and processes I have shown, clearly I have tried and tested... I have been into proper car care like this for about the last 5yrs, but been into valeting cars for about 10yrs now.
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    Edit; unconstructive post.

    If you have no interest in cleaning/detailing then refrain from visiting this section of the forum. We welcome your input into this section, but will not tolerate your constant negative attitude towards it.


    Debo & the forum management team.
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