This is a ready-to-fit kit for a mk1 Punto including tyres, bolts and locking bolts. Will fit mk2 (non-HGT) models too, but bear in mind that this tyre size has a rolling radius of 3.2% less, so when your speedometer is reading 60 MPH, you're only doing 58.1 MPH.

Genuine Fiat Active Sport alloy 14x6J
58.1mm bore
98mm PCD
35mm offset
3 wheels are immaculate, one has a small scuff spread over three spokes as indicated in the photo (only two visible in the close-up)

Yokohama 185/55 R14 80V
Treadwear 300
Traction AA
Temperature A
Tread depth measurements (outer to inner groove measurements)
Tyre 1: 5mm 5mm 5mm 3mm
Tyre 2: 5mm 5mm 5mm 3mm
Tyre 3: 6mm 7mm 7mm 5mm
Tyre 4: 6mm 7mm 7mm 5mm

Tyres 1&2 fitted 09/09/2009
Tyres 3&4 fitted 31/03/2010

These tyres are directional tyres with excellent grip in both wet and dry, and predictable break-away characteristics.

12 x Grayston M12x1.25, 60 degree seat with 24mm thread length and 19mm head (standard Punto wheel brace hex)
4 x McGard 27170 locking bolts including 19mm key and key reorder code

At this moment in time, collection only, please PM me if you would like to know delivery costs. Happy to help you to fit these too if you collect.

Price 195.

Thanks for viewing,