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Thread: Torbay Cruise 3! 3rd Aug.

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    Torbay Cruise 3! 3rd Aug.

    Yes boys and girls, it is on this year! We've been working with police to bring you a third Torbay cruise, and are happy to say this year will be trouble free. The police and emergency services will be bringing along some of their toys to show off, and to have a good time! Fast Car magazine will be there, so make those cars clean .

    New location this year, with permission of the land owners! Clennon Valley is the car park for Torbay Leisure Centre - TQ4 5JR, which is massive.

    Get your name down, spread the word and come along... there'll be a burger van - need I say more?

    Please post it up on any other forums you guys use! Let me know and I'll update the list:
    TQ Modified
    Tuning House
    South West Cruisin

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    hummm i would have went but being a tuesday night i`ll give it a miss

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