Just some basic tips if this is your first time out on track;

* Make sure your oil/water/PAS/brake fluid levels are correct before you go, and check them all after each run out. It's worth taking some top-up for these.

* Check your discs and pads prior to going to the track, and keep checking the pad thickness (these will wear out before your discs).

* Make sure your tyres have a good amount of tread, and let a couple of psi out of them - check the pressures after each run. You do this because the heat generated by the tyres raises the pressure slightly, so if you left them at standard pressure they would then overinflate and lower your grip levels.

* Make sure you listen during briefing regarding overtaking, track condition, flags etc - this is vital, as it could save your life and/or stop you getting black flagged!

* It may also be worth getting a passenger ride with somone who knows the track so you get the idea of the lines and braking points etc.

* When you do go out on track, build up your speed gradually, there's no fun in binning it in your first session (or any session!!).

I always service my cars before I go on track, so they are in the best possible condition, and less likely to break down. I appreciate that this can make the track day expensive, but in the long run, fresh clean oil and a healthy engine is cheaper than a complete rebuild afterwards!!!

Finally, all that's left to say is have fun and make sure you buy the professional pics afterwards. They're about 25, but well worth it!

I hope you find this guide useful.