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    Rules & Guidelines for Advertisements - 2012

    Rules & Guidelines for Advertisements 2012

    Please read the rules, guidelines and disclaimer below carefully.

    Rules for placing an advert.

    1) The Classifieds sub-forum is the only place on the forum you may post your advert, whether itís a car, parts or an external eBay or PistonHeads link.

    2) Neither, nor any member of the Team can take any responsibility for the adverts placed.

    3) Buyer Beware. Always ascertain a level of confidence with the advertiser before parting with your money. The last thing that we want is for someone to get ripped off. (See Code of Conduct below)

    4) Only PuntoSports Club Members and PSC Traders can post for sale adverts.

    5) All adverts are subject to 'approval' before being viewed publicly. If they don't comply with the rules, they will be removed & you will be informed via an automated response from the forum with a valid reason for its removal.

    6) All adverts are at the moderators discretion.

    Required content for any advert.

    1) A descriptive title. Keep it short but descriptive. Titles with **look here** etc will not be approved.

    2) A thorough description of the item. Its use and/or compatibility, condition, age, mileage etc. These are required but will also help your item sell.

    3) Everything has a price. A price must be listed otherwise it is not an advert! A price + the welcome of offers are acceptable.

    4) Photos are required. Photos must be clear, detailed and of the actual item for sale. Photos go some way to proving you have the item, it is ready to be shipped and above all show the condition.

    a) Single items require a decent photograph of said item.
    b) Multiple items could be grouped into one photo as long as the items for sale are visible.
    c) Cars been broken require thorough pictures of all parts likely to be sold, engine bay pics, pics of suspension, wheels and brakes. Photos of the interior, clocks and any panels you wish to sell.

    5) No commercial posts. While Members have the right to sell on PuntoSports it is not an avenue for business use without prior permission. Any commercial enquiries should be directed to

    6) Shipping terms. Please outline whether prices include shipping or not, while this isnít a requirement it will go some way to helping your sale and save prospective buyers asking about shipping.

    Other Classified Rules

    There is a specific sub-forum for eBay links. This section encompasses eBay, PistonHeads, GumTree etc and is a place to point people to your items elsewhere on the internet.

    All adverts are at the discretion of the Staff and Moderators, their say is final and consistant with the rules.

    You may not sell on others behalf. Selling for a friend or selling for another member of the forum is not allowed. People selling on behalf of others will not have their advert approved.

    Any animosity should be directed to a moderator via PM.

    CODE OF CONDUCT: - Placing an advert on PSC means you are agreeing to our terms.

    While any placed advert shall be entirely the legal responsibility of the seller, all adverts will comply under the websites code of conduct. does not in way warrant or guarantee the For Sale section of the forum. Any financial loss is at the risk of the buyer and seller. We will do whatever we can if the worst does happen but ultimately theft should be dealt with by the police.

    It is the duty of the Seller to accurately describe the item(s) for sale and set a clear price as per our rules. Any extra charges such as delivery charges must be agreed with the buyer. PayPal 'gift' payments are inadvisable and discouraged.

    If you enter into an agreement on price and delivery charges, you can not then go back on that agreement. {once the agreement has been settled} We the staff reserve the right to remove buying privileges or even ban users who fail to uphold agreements.

    Payment is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to negotiate, and any payment should be made promptly.

    The seller must post or dispatch by courier, the item in a reasonable time frame. It is also good practice to inform the buyer when the item has been despatched. If the item is worth a considerable amount, recorded delivery or postal insurance should be considered.

    Buyers should allow a reasonable amount of time for the items to arrive if it has been despatched, and upon arrival the item should be checked immediately.

    Any seller or buyer that fails to meet their obligation on any For Sale agreement will be barred from using the for sale section, or even removed from the forum entirely. Note that in the case of theft or fraud, all information regarding logs, ip, email information will be passed to the relevant authorities upon request.

    PSC reserves the right to remove any adverts deemed unsuitable.

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    Looking for some information? Click here before you create a new thread!

    If you're looking for something specific, maybe you have a fault with your car and you're looking to see if anyone else had the same problem and how they resolved it, then the first thing you need to do is SEARCH.

    It's very easy to do this, simply click on the search link in the menu at the top of the forum.

    The fill out the information and click search at the bottom. It couldn't be easier.

    Failure to do this before you post a topic may result in your ridicule by other members and the topic being locked. You can been warned!!
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